Savannah Summer Solstice Wedding


Alright, folks – I know that Fall just started, but this wedding will have you wishing for summer again… And you’ll see why in the gorgeous photos by Mackensey Alexander!

Taking inspiration from the Summer Solstice and ancient traditions, the couple and the team behind this wedding had so much fun crafting all the details! The planner/florist from Ivory & Beau was absolutely captivated when she heard Shannon + Britt’s ideas – something warm, intimate, filled with love, and LOT of greenery. Shannon, the bride, envisioned a circular orientation for their ceremony and reception – completely surrounded by candles. The circle setting allowed for their guests to sit all around them, giving the space such a unique and intimate feeling. The ceremony began with an Altar Girl walking around the perimeter of the circle, and lighting a candle for each of the 4 elements, making the room feel like an enchanted space.

Shannon shares The idea for a Summer Solstice inspired wedding came from the fact that people around the world celebrate the solstice with feasting and dancing… Which is exactly what we wanted – a huge party and feast! We were influenced by pagan traditions, from the circular arrangement to the Handfasting ceremony. Since the event was indoors, we knew we wanted a lot of candlelight and greenery to emphasize our theme.

redit: Bloglovin

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