We are thrilled to announce that INTERLACED has partnered with the team at BDYHAXCON for their upcoming conference, expo and fashion tech show in January 2017. As an official partner, INTERLACED will co-produce BDYHAXCON’s special Put Together Fashion Tech Show.

Between 27-29 January 2017, Austin’s Convention Center will become the home for discovering new tech, knowledge and inspiration surrounding body- and biohacking, fashion tech, augmented and virtual reality, cognitive training and much more.

BDYHAXCON is about anything you can do to your body to be more your ideal self. However a bodyhacker decides to physically alter or improve their mind or body, there’s always more to discover, learn, teach, synthesize, and celebrate.


If you’re a fashion tech designer, maker, engineer, who wants to showcase their creation to the world, get in touch


In addition to the inspiring talks, meetups and expo, in 2017, BDYHAXCON is adding a fashion spin to the experience. The Put Together fashion tech show, which INTERLACED will co-produce, will take place on 27th January 2017 and bring together the latest and greatest in fashion tech, raging from exoskeletons to more conventional cloth-based pieces that’s anything but conventional.

As INTERLACED produced one of the first full fashion tech catwalk shows in Europe, we are excited to bring together once again the most exciting designers and technologies who make the magic happen. The best part? There are still spots to fill! So, if you’re a fashion tech designer, maker, engineer, who wants to showcase their creation to the world, get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our own Kristina Dimitrova will also take part as a speaker in the Apparel Futures panel, taking place on Sunday 29th January. The discussion, chaired by life-long entrepreneur and award-winning author Steve Guengerich, will look at the many innovations emerging in the field from labs into retail products.

Credit : interlaced

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