Fashion & Music Hit Vegas Hard


The 2016 Billboard Music Awards


The 24th Billboard Music Awards aired on Sunday, May 22, 2016 on ABC.


The award ceremony was held at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Billboard Magazine has presented the Billboard Music Awards every year. Rick Garson, Paul Flattery, & Jim Yukich are responsible for the original awards show and it has taken off since then, bringing viewers together to honor and celebrate countless musical talents.


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  • The awards are given based on year-end chart performance, which accounts for sales, downloads, and airplay.

  • Many of the nominations are no surprise—if you regularly listen to the radio.

  • If the number of plays an artist gets on the radio is any indicator…and it is…The Weeknd receiving the most nominations is no shock to listeners.


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  • The BBMAs offer new artists a chance to be in the spotlight. Several artists have blown up this year with major hits, but before this, we may not have known who they were or what they looked like. This way, viewers get the opportunity to be introduced to the up and coming artists in another way.  


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  • The awards show started out with a bang by having Britney Spears as their opening act. She performed a medley for nearly ten continuous minutes. She came out with an impressive choreographed routine that would make any 90s fan swoon. She sparkled throughout the performance. Literally. Britney wore a sparkling red ensemble that revealed just how good she still looks. (Two kids later and you’d never know.)


Credit: Us Magazine

  • Due to Kesha's (highly publicized) hiatus, once she was approved to perform at the awards show, the hype could ensue. She performed a soulful tribute to Bob Dylan looking different than we've ever seen her before.

  • She wore a white suit, accented with colorful patchwork, beachy hair, and simple makeup, which is a far cry from what we’ve seen her in previously and we loved it just as much.


  • Another strong woman followed shortly after, giving an incredible performance and showing that she truly is an icon in every sense of the word, Celine Dion.

  • In the most respectable fashion, the show closed with Madonna and Stevie Wonder performing a tribute to Prince. Madonna was dressed head-to-toe in an outfit that Prince would be happy to wear himself. She wore a purple paisley jacket, vest, and pants set, with lacey flowy oversized sleeves, just as Prince was known for.

  • The BBMA’s brought it this year and the proof is in the music; from Justin’s performance to Rihanna’s epic performance of “Love on the Brain,” viewers everywhere can’t stop talking about it. And neither can we!

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