Undra Celest New York

We are obsessed with Undra Celest New York and here is why...

:: Where were you Born and Raised?

:: Brooklyn, New York.

CM |
:: What is Undra Celest New York?

UC |
:: UCNY is a contemporary women's wear brand based in Brooklyn. The aesthetic of the brand is to provide clothes that are modern and bold, yet conservative. We focus on fit, bold colors and prints.

CM |
:: Who is the Undra Celest Customer?

UC |
:: The UCNY customer is between 27-60 years old. Professional. An urbanite woman who needs to be a bit scaled back in her fashion choices because of professional duties, but still wants to look modern and stand out.

CM |
:: Entrepreneurship is brutal. You had a very successful professional career yet you put it all on the line to work for you. Why?

UC |
:: I was born an entrepreneur. As far back as I can remember, I've always had a fashion business; whether it was selling fashion paper dolls and friendship bracelets in elementary school to starting and running a handbag business out of college. It's just been a part of me. My day job is simply a means to an end.

CM |
:: Who influences youas a business woman and why?

UC |
:: There are so many. Everyone from Oprah to the founder of the natural hair extension brand Heat Free Hair.

My mentor,
Tory Burch, helped me so much when I had the handbag company.

But I'm just
inspired by people who take leaps of faith in any area of life.

Life is short and it's necessary to do what you love while you're here.

CM |
:: What would you say makes the Undra Celest Brand/Label so different from the competition?

UC |
:: The point of view of bold, yet conservative makes us unique. We make high neckline, below-the-knee dresses in bold prints. We have great fitting pants that are high waisted, which make them more edgy. Many of our customers want things they can wear to multiple places, from work to cocktail hour. We also infuse a lot metallics in places you wouldn't expect.

CM |
:: What is the Unique Selling Proposition for the Undra Celest brand?

UC |
:: Fit, prints and metallic details.

CM |
:: What is your mission (& vision) statement, if any, for the brand?

UC |
:: The mission of the brand is to dress the modern woman for her current life, while equipping and inspiring her for the life she desires.

CM |
:: What are some of your favorite moments as an entrepreneur?

UC |
:: My favorite moments are when I see women buy, wear, and love my designs. It's so exciting to see other people appreciate what I've done. I love to do pop-up and trunk shows because I get to meet the customers and get their feedback. I might be opening a store in the Spring of 2017.

CM |
:: What have been some of your most challenging moments as an entrepreneur?

UC |
:: Money is always a challenge. There is never enough money to match the grandeur of the dream.

...being smart and
planning ahead helps to combat this challenge.

...challenge would be finding the right factories and manufacturing partners.

It's a
...yet expensive, dance to find makers who get you and the brand.

CM |
:: What is your advice for other aspiring women entrepreneurs?

UC |
:: Perseverance!
It trumps everything.

:: And
Becoming super knowledgeable in your field. Know what bigger brands know, or more.

CM |
:: What would you do differently in hindsight, as an entrepreneur?

UC |
:: Save more money.
:: Haha! But, truth be told, the whole process is a learning curve.
:: Although hindsight is great, it's only a second to experience.


CM |
:: What are some of the immediate and long terms Goals for the Brand?

UC |

  1. Be successfully market ready.

  2. Design samples for the season.

  3. Explore a new retail store.

  4. Increase Ecommerce traffic.

  5. Improve digital & PR strategy .

CM |
:: Anything else you'd like to share with us?

UC |
:: I'm infusing my experience from handbags into my new brand and adding a handbag for Hol’16.

CM |
:: What do you need the most help with as a brand/business/designer?

UC |
:: Everything!
:: I feel like I'm in a great place, but we can always be greater in everything.

PLEASE complete the following sentences |

CM |
:: The world needs more...

UC |
:: ...love, truth and things that's inspire.

CM |
:: I do what I do because...

UC |
:: ...success is freedom.

CM |
:: I love...

UC |
:: ...Jesus, my family and the beach! 


:: Experience the latest #Collection of the Undra Celeste Brand New York brand at www.undracelesteny.com

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Bene Rialto/New York.
Pop DC/DC.

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Name: Undra Duncan

Email: undra@undracelesteny.com

Tel: 917.214.4406

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