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Makko believes that jewellery wasn't just meant for show, but something that could empower and protect the wearer.

Makko Jewelery accomplishes this in a very unique and artistic way using Japanese kanji characters, gemstones, and distinctive shapes to match each individual's spirit in the form of jewellery.

Every piece of jewellery created by the founder, Ms Tokuyama, has a special meaning or message; some convey fortune and well-being while others may refer to peace and tranquillity.

For example, some jewellery pieces incorporate the power of Yoji-Juku-go, four kanji characters that together makeup one meaning. Yoji-Juku-go has been used for hundreds of years as an intellectual form of expression. 

Makko allows a person to convey their feelings and beliefs through Yoji-Jyuku-go in artful jewellery.

This allows the wearer to inspire and express themselves through the power of traditional Japanese kanji.

Other pieces from Makko utilize gemstones and symbolic shapes, presented in a truly artful manner, to express the wearer's emotions and inspirations. Gemstones originate deep from the earth, taking years to form. 

Therefore, it's believed that they possess special natural energy. 

Makko Jewelry only uses natural gemstones in its products, never manmade ones. You will see familiar symbols and shapes in the Makko Jewelry line. Whether you're in search of self-motivation or want to convey to others your feelings and beliefs, Makko Jewellery has the right piece for you.


Founded in 2011, Makko is the brainchild of Makiko Tokuyama, the founder, president and chief designer of this new, exciting company, based in Los Angeles.                                                     

Her passion for life and belief that everyone and anyone can achieve their goals and dreams through hard work and dedication comes through in her original designs.

All pieces are made in Los Angeles.

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