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lisa lankes

The INTERVIEW | by Justice K Kwarteng, Editor-in-Chief + Creative Director SITS DOWN WITH LISA LANKES | PHOTOGRAPHER

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany.

What do your parents do for a living?

My mum is a vice-principal and teacher and my dad is a engineer and runs his own company.

What did you want to do when you grew up?

I think I always wanted to do the same thing as my mom - to work as a teacher.

Any Siblings?

Yes, I have two younger brothers.

When did you know you wanted to become a photographer?

After I completed middle school.  I was sure I wanted to do something creative and so I moved from Bavaria to Berlin to attend a design school where I did my A-level.  It was during this time I began developing my skillset to become a professional photographer.

Who is your favorite photographer(s) and why?

I honestly do not have a favourite photographer, there are so many photographers who/that inspire me: It doesn't matter if they are well known or not.

What drew you to photography?

My parents photographed a lot and were very interested in art. Before my dad became an engineer he was glassblower and had his own atelier. So, I always was sourrounded by creative people.

Take us through your typical creative process as a photographer?

First of all, I develop a concept, sometimes alone, sometimes together with my team.  Next, I begin to assemble my creative team: a Makeup Artist, Stylist and Assistant.

After the creative and production teams have been assembled, I move to requesting Model from Agencies in order to find the suitable model for my vision.

If I'm not shooting in the studio, I'll have to do location scouting. 

I organize and plan the entire technical details together with my assitant 2 hours before the rest of the team arrives.

What does the day of your shoot look like?

Models get their hair and make up done. We go through the styling and shoot concept again with the team.  We start to shooting as soon as models are out of hair and makeup.

What is the timeline from 'concept-to-execution' for a Lisa Lankes editorial shoot?

It depends on the concept and how much is to organize.

What inspired your latest editorial for COLLAGE magazine, 'Bonniness'?

My makeup artist, Franzi, came up with an idea and we developed a concept together. It was inspired by beauty and make-up.

Why the name 'Bonniness'?

Bonniness is another word for beauty.

What were you going for with this editorial?

I wanted to show the unique beauty of people and that you can also do a beauty shoot with men.

What is the story and inspiration behind 'Bonniness'?

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. In my work, beauty of the human being is at the center. To emphasize our physical beauty, we use a lot of skin care and make-up.
In this editorial, I created a connection between natural beauty, self-care, make-up, fashion, and structures.

How did you pick the creative team that worked with you on 'Bonniness'?

I'd done some other projects with the make-up artist, Franzi, and the stylist, Jules, before. I love to collaborate with them because we are a strong and harmonic team.

Tell us about each one of your creative collaborators, including the models and the agencies, for 'Bonniness'.

The models are Inga Jackson (Seeds Management), Jesco S., Viva Models - Berlin.

Hair and make-up is Franziska Wilke, using Mac Cosmetics.

Styling  was by Juliane J.




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