Andi Marie



I was born & raised in Craig, on the Western slopes of Colorado.

"Introducing Andi Marie… Professional Model x Fitness Instructor. Kind. Sincere. Lover.

| interviewed by Justice K Kwarteng for @IAMCOLLAGEMAG

:: Where were you born and raised?

:: was born and raised in Craig, which on the western slope of Colorado. I grew up a farm kid.

CM |
:: What do you do for a living?

AM |
:: I inspire and motivate others to reach their health and fitness goals through group fitness classes as an instructor. I am a professional model and talent.

CM |
:: What is your reasoning behind becoming an entrepreneur or what you do for a living?

AM |
:: Well, I get to be a big kid while helping others. I joke and laugh with my clients while giving them the tools they need to better their overall health and wellness. I love that I can help to bring people some sense of happiness and comfort through my personable demeanor.


CM |
:: What makes you happy?

AM |
:: I'm fulfilled in my efforts (having clients tell me their success stories that are directly tied to me), feeling appreciated, and knowing I’m doing something for the betterment of others.

:: Nothing quite brings me the same comfort as a perfectly steeped cup of tea with cream. I don’t know, I guess I’m a pretty simple person.

:: I gain happiness and comfort out of every-day simple pleasures.

Also, dogs.
:: Dogs make me really happy.

CM |
:: What makes you sad?

AM |
:: Sadness for me comes when I feel like I’ve let down those who are important to me.

:: Disappointing my loved ones is a heart-wrenching feeling.

:: Stories of neglect and abuse (human or animal) really send me into a tailspin. 

When I find out about others being hurt and there's nothing I can do about it puts me in a pretty significant depression, from which I struggle to recover.

CM |
:: What is your motto in life?

AM |
:: Kindness is key. Be kinder than necessary. Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody.

Katie Holmes said it best: “You may be pretty, and you may be talented, but nobody will remember that if you’re mean.

CM |
:: What are your biggest aspirations in life?

AM |
:: To live a happy one! Seriously. I was in a really terrible marriage for a lot of years, and ever since having the courage to get out, I’ve spent my time doing whatever makes me happy. I

I’m not rich by any means, and I struggle financially quite often, but everything I do brings such value to my existence, a value that money has never brought to me.

:: I plan on traveling, eventually opening a French restaurant, hopefully I’ll gain a little success as a model, too. 

I don’t know what the future holds, but I wake up excited each day to find out.   
CM |
:: What are your goals as a professional model?

AM |
:: I never thought I’d be able to consider myself a professional model. That is a huge goal [I've] met! I wanted to try to get into modeling, so I did. I wanted to try fashion, so I did.

:: I wanted to do runway (more than anything!), and I was given that opportunity last December when Colorado Fashion Week had a show.

Since then, I’ve walked in multiple runway shows, including Denver Fashion Week. I never dreamed any of that would be possible.

I’ve been published many times, but I’d like to see a more notable publication in my portfolio, like Vogue or Harpers Bazaar.

I’d really like to see my modeling expand overseas to Europe. I’m just on this crazy roller coaster, seeing where I end up.

CM |
:: What are your goals as an instructor?

I want to help my clients reach their health and fitness goals. I want to give them the tools and knowledge to meet their goals, even when I’m not standing right next to them.

I strive to teach the importance of proper form to prevent injury, help with nutrition inquiries, and provide modifications of exercises to those who need them for whatever reason (pregnancy, past injuries, etc.).

I also want to instill a deep love and passion of fitness in my clients.

I work very hard to make classes fun and energized so they never feel like their slogging through their gym time. I want them to enjoy their workout while seeing the benefits of their workout.

CM |
:: What are your goals as a business owner?

AM |
:: Right now, my goals are to serve the best quality products while providing a comfortable atmosphere for my customers.  Also, to make enough money to be able to afford to pay myself out of the profits. I want it to be successful, which means I’ll be successful.


CM |
:: Who inspires you?

AM |
:: My mom inspires me.

She is the busiest person I know, but she always has a smile for everyone. She makes time for kind acts. She started the soup kitchen in my home town and runs it to this day.  

She feeds so many people in need every week. She maintains her regular job, volunteers at every charitable function she can, makes baby quilts for friends and loved ones when they’re expecting, and still she has time to be my rock. I truly believe that my mom is an angel walking this earth.

She inspires me to carry whatever burdens may be dragging me down with a light heart and the knowledge that everything will be okay.

Things happen for a reason, even if we can’t understand the reason right away.  I’m fortunate that my inspiration is so close to me.

She’s my best friend. I can’t imagine doing life without her.

CM |
:: What is your definition of kindness?

AM |
:: Kindness inspires me. Authentic, genuine people inspire me. People who are facing struggles and still get up every single day regardless of how hard life is for them when it would be easier to stay in bed, they inspire me.

CM |
:: What is perseverance?

AM |
:: Perseverance is a notable trait, and one that I appreciate and look up to.

CM |
:: What is empathy?

AM |
:: Empathy is not only understanding how someone else feels, but feeling it too. An empath has experienced a similar circumstance (good or bad), and can therefore completely understand how the other person feels.  

It’s a feeling beyond sympathy. Empathy is a total comprehension, feeling, and understanding of another person’s experiences.


PLEASE Complete the following Sentences |

CM |
:: Deep down, the world needs more of...

AM |
:: ...random acts of kindness.

CM |
:: I believe people want...

AM | be loved and accepted for who they are, and crave the courage to be unapologetically themselves all the time.

CM |
:: I believe love can...

AM |
:: ..touch even the most brokenhearted damaged souls, and can help to heal them.

CM |
:: ...I wish I could...

AM |
:: ...reach out to more people and help bring some measure of happiness to as many as possible.

"...Dogs make me really happy!..."

EDITORIAL: Creative Director, Stylist, Coach + Producer is Justice K Kwarteng, MFA | Model: Andi Marie | Hair + Makeup: Andi Marie | Photographer is Leslie Van Stelten |

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