In 1997 Jannie and Lars Schacksen dreamed of creating a fashion forward brand with an identity of it's own. NÜ Denmark quickly became known for its sophisticated, raw and feminine brand DNA. 

means woman in Chinese and naked in French.

This word play creatively explains the designers’ vision of fashion  where women freely can express themselves as they are.

Raw simplicity, pure natural materials and ethical production is part of NÜ's philosophy. 

is modern, provocative fashion with a laid-back design, expressed and style in diverse, sexy and glamorous ways.

The materials of the collections are typically luxurious fabrics such as silk, wool and leather embellished with handmade prints, embroideries and characteristic details of exquisite workmanship providing the unique DNA that characterizes NÜ.

The designers implement Feminine elements and rock ‘n’ roll vibes by beautifully combining different elements in a passionate universe of raw masculinity and sensual femininity.

NÜ Denmark quickly became a popular brand and the company celebrated rapid growth. 

  • The Danish financial newspaper Børsen named NÜ a Gazelle company five times, most recently in 2010. The Gazelle award is given to a company in Denmark each year rewarding growth.
  • The NÜ Denmark collections are sold in leading stores throughout Denmark and in the following export markets: Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Germany, Austria, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, USA and Australia.
  • NÜ arose from a dream of creating stylish clothes featuring high quality and unique style – a dream of running a good company with satisfied employees.
  • It is also at the heart of NÜ's philosophy to promote social responsibility in the world with ethical production conditions. This is the dream we now give to you with NÜ.


An essential part of NÜ’s business strategy is to keep a close dialogue with our cunsumers so that we can always serve them the best way possible. In our own stores we receive direct feedback on our collections, designs and more.

NÜ Denmark has their own stores in the following countries: Denmark Norway, Holland, France, Germany and in November 2015 NÜ opened their very first store in the U.S. at 8601 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, California.

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