We, the people behind the brand and the ones wearing our clothes – share a common mantra! We don’t give a F… about rules - we love individuality, believe in ourselves and trust that we can reach all our goals – whatever they are. We believe in humor and a good portion of skepticism and love doing things with a twist.

We are positive by nature, selfish to some extend, but acknowledge the truth when we see it. Our direct way of being gives basis for envy in some cases followed by enemies.

However we believe in making something of ourselves – stand by our nature and have no problem dealing with the consequences...

No Enemies No Character!



The Inimigo Lab Store is much more than a store, it is as the name suggests a brand laboratory, divided into three floors, is a store, showroom and photographic studio.

Defined and designed to pass a concrete message, what is to be and live as an Enemy.

The store is in the noble heart of one of the most exciting and young cities in Europe, Braga, in the north of Portugal.


The size shown on the item’s label is indicated on every product Page and converted into your Country’s corresponding size. To search for the size that interest you please use our Size Chart which should help you find the right fit with an indicative value, from XXS to XXXL, that we use to group all different sizes together in one system.

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