beija flor



Beija Flor is a design studio set up to bring the inspiring beauty of ancient tiles back into our home.

Made with love and care, our products combine the beauty and high quality of the past with practicality and affordability for the modern living space.

Our geometric shapes are born from spirituality, sacred geometry, power and beauty.

  • From our small boutique studio, our elegant geometric designs are now being sold across the world.

Beija Flor means “The Kisser of flowers” – The hummingbird in Portuguese.

  • Beija Flor products kiss the space they are in. We invite you to choose a design to beautify your home.

'...Beija Flor means “The Kisser of flowers” – The hummingbird in Portuguese....'

Vinyl Mats

To make selecting your mat easy, we have grouped our Beija Flor Vinyl mat designs into families such


Flor de Lis, Bella, Barcelona etc.
Each family has the same design with a different special color variations.


Tableware Collection

Stickers Catalogs

Clear stickers that can be crafted into your own style.

Apply to walls, furniture, windows, notebooks, greeting cards, and more.
We believe that everyone is a designer at heart, and would like to open up a world of ancient tile design options for you to apply in your surroundings.
Small actions, great results. Immerse your space with harmony.


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